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Associate Professor, nutritionist and gastroenterologist – Boris Zalman

nutritionist Boris Zalman

Boris Zalman is an associate professor, a prominent physician specializing in dietetics and gastroenterology, with years of experience and professional recognition in the field of medicine. His passion for medicine began in his early youth when he developed an interest in health and nutrition-related issues.

He received his medical education at one of the country’s leading medical institutions, where he not only demonstrated outstanding academic abilities but also a passionate desire to help people achieve optimal health.

For many years, Boris Zalman deepened his knowledge in the field of gastroenterology, conducting numerous research studies and developing optimal approaches to treating gastrointestinal diseases. His ability to combine knowledge of physiology and pathology with skills in dietetics has made him an expert in creating personalized dietary strategies.

Dr. Boris Zalman also actively shares his knowledge and experience with the community. He is the author of numerous articles and recommendations on diets and healthy eating on the leading website,, where his expert advice helps thousands of people around the world maintain their health and lead a better quality of life.

Boris Zalman remains dedicated to his profession and continues to work towards helping his patients and the readers of the website achieve optimal health through proper nutrition and competent treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. His passion for medicine and his desire to share knowledge continue to inspire and motivate others on the path to better health.

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