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Nutritionist – Roman Samoilov

Nutritionist - Roman Samoilov

Nutritionist Roman Samoylov is a doctor of nutrition with a unique combination of medical skills and expertise in the field of food psychology. His professional journey began with a deep interest in the influence of psychological factors on healthy eating and lifestyle.

Roman completed his education at a medical university, where he acquired fundamental knowledge in medicine and nutrition. However, his unique calling was to merge medical aspects with the psychological aspects of nutrition. He continued his education in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, which allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of emotions and behavior on dietary habits.

Through relentless effort and study, Roman became a specialist in the field of food psychology. His unique blend of medical and psychological skills has made him a valuable resource for patients dealing with eating issues and disordered eating patterns. He has helped many people overcome psychological barriers related to food and achieve harmony with themselves and their bodies.

Furthermore, Dr. Roman Samoylov is also an author on the leading website on diets and healthy eating, His expert articles and advice on nutrition and psychology are popular among thousands of readers seeking to understand the influence of psychological aspects on their dietary habits and aiming to achieve harmony and a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritionist Roman Samoylov remains dedicated to his calling of helping people understand how emotions and psychology affect their eating habits and teaching them to achieve harmony and health through a proper attitude toward food and self-awareness. His contributions to the field of nutrition and food psychology will continue to be inspiring and valuable to many.

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